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Who Am I?

B’jove! With Jimili, y’are gettin’ a lil’ pocket coach, always ready to guide ya on the road to success. Picture this: a buddy lendin’ ya a hand, helpin’ ya make your wishes come true, in 10 fun and personalized steps, all that with a dash of humor and a whole lotta love. What’s that? Y’ tripped on a step? Don’t ya worry! I’s here to lift your spirits and help ya leap over them darn bumps. So, ready to turn your dreams into reality, step by step, with Jimili?

Jimili, the app that turns your goals into adventures! Let your 3D friend kindly guide you to accomplish your dreams, whether they are personal or professional.

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A unique and innovative concept thanks to the artificial intelligence of Jimili.

Whatever your project, your dream: entrepreneurship, learning a skill, personal development…

YOU choose your adventure and Jimili guides you!

I am a nurse and a mother of 2 children… Let me tell you that free time is a rare commodity! But, with Jimili and his daily reminders, I take time for myself by developing creative skills (in DIY). I even plan to sell my creations on Etsy soon!


I don’t come from an entrepreneurial background. My parents are workers. I haven’t done a major education and don’t have a lot of money. I watched videos of entrepreneurs on YouTube with envy, dreaming of having a mentor to overcome my lack of knowledge. I felt alone, like an UFO, in an environment that does not understand my ambitions. Today, it seems silly, but Jimili guides me and I find it really powerful!


How many times has my shyness cost me dearly in my short career! For fear of exposing myself, I let others reap the laurels of my work. Speaking in public, asserting myself and even imposing myself, I work on this every week with Jimili. 💪


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